Saturday, June 6, 2009

Taking Time Off

I guess this is the way it's always going to go. I get really into my fitness for a while and then I go through a lazy stage. I just went through another one, a long one this time. Lots of drinking and way over eating. It drives me nuts looking back because it's so easy to eat healthy! It's not like I starve myself or have to eat gross food! I like eating healthy. But for several months I ate whatever I wanted, throwing tons of butter into my cooking and scooping out huge portion sizes. The beer drinking always gets me. It doesn't take too much beer to feel full and disgusting. Luckily, I didn't really gain pounds, I just got a lot softer around the edges. So, I'm now going to stop berating myself and get back on track (again!).
Back to buying better lunch meat. Lunches are important for me, if I eat small meals all day, then I don't feel starving when I get home from work. Dinners have always been a work in progress. I know the answer to that problem. It has worked for me before, and I just need to keep doing it. I need to eliminate the carb portion and fill that part of my plate with veggies. This has worked for me before and will work for me again. Because I like veggies, and I like meat. The problem is that I love carbs. For those who are thinking I'm going on a carb-free diet, that's not true. If I eliminate carbs from my dinner, I will still be eating some carbs throughout the day, just not so damn much. I always buy the better whole grain, or whole wheat bread and our lunch snacks could be better, but they're not terrible.
It was really good to go on that hike to Olomana last week, it gave me the hiking bug again. I am hiking this morning, either the pillboxes in Lanikai or the Pali waterfall. I don't know what that last one is called, but I enjoy it. Maybe I'll get Nate out.