Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Dreaded Plateau

I am grateful for the fact that I am still 145 although it means I have lost no weight in quite a while.  It also means that I have not gained any weight, which could be considered a miracle.  I did briefly gain a few pounds when for Lent, Nathan and I gave up sobriety and opened the case of BudLight that someone gave us quite a while ago.  It is absolutely amazing how fast weight can pile on.  Of course beer is a double wammy because I drink a few beers and then not only do I want the chips that are in the cabinet, I want all of them, and my self-control is out the window, so I DO eat all of them.  Luckily this week I made it up with exercise and am back to the same old weight.  That goal of 140 has stayed within my sight, but it takes a step backwards every time I step forwards.  Damn thing is right there, but I just can't get hold.  Of course I was saying this about 145 not too long ago, so I know I can do it.  Since losing weight is about a lifestyle and not about yo-yo dieting, I will be patient.  Nothing is worse than losing weight and then gaining it back again.  It is so crushing to watch your hard work swirl down the toilet.  At least moving at this snail pace I can be sure that it will stay off longer.  Even falling off the exercise and healthy eating wagon several times over the past couple of years the weight has piled on much slower than it used to.  So here's to getting back to fitness.  And here's to tofu and all kinds of crazy food that I have gotten out of the habit of eating.  
I went for a hike this morning, up the pillboxes and followed the path to the end of the Lanikai loop.  Then walked back to the car.  It's a good hike at 5:45am.  Going to kickbox on Monday.  Guess I should think of something to do tomorrow.