Friday, January 30, 2009

Checking in

Well, it's obvious that when I stop blogging, I'm not making my weight loss a priority. I still haven't gained or lost any weight. But that is because I haven't really been putting any effort in. I have been going to kickboxing, which is good, but it's not enough. The rainy weather gave me an excuse not to walk with Ananda this week. I have been saying, and it's still true that I need to find something else for exercise that I can pick up and go do any time, like running. That was one thing that I could do any time, just throw on my running stuff and go. I am just not feeling motivated enough to go for a walk. Even though I love my dogs, Gizmo is still a puppy and attacks Titus while we're walking and I end up getting frustrated with them. Really it's not a good excuse, I should teach my dogs to be better on leash, but that takes even more effort, which I was trying to avoid. Well, I guess the weight loss isn't going to happen without effort. I was thinking about waking up early to walk the dogs in the morning. There are less people (and other dogs) out before 6:30am. If I go for a walk at 6, then I can be back by 6:30, shower and get ready for work still. I know that's what I should do.
Okay, making a commitment this week. I will do my regular kickboxing on Monday and Thursday. On Sunday I will walk the dogs in the morning. And I will get up on... Wednesday morning and walk the dogs. I can do it at least one workday morning. Also hopefully Saturday Ananda and I will play tennis or go for a walk. Either is fine.
Commitment to taking the dogs for a long walk on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. I sure hope this helps out with the weight I'm bound to put on due to the Superbowl Pupu party at Kara and Eli's.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back Pain

Well, this week I was right on target. Tuesday and Thursday I went to kickboxing, had a great class, sweat my ass off and did tons of pushups. However, we did leg raises or scissor kicks, whatever they're called. You put your hands under your butt, and scissor kick your legs. It's a great ab workout, but I think it was a little too much for my back, because my lower back is sore now. I guess I'm supposed to rest my back and not workout. Hmm. Maybe a hike.
I did drink a few beers last night and I'm feeling a little bloated. I really would like to do something.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 Day Weekend

Weight- 143
So far I've started off pretty good and I'm on track for my weight loss goal. Yesterday we had the day off, but I ate the same thing for lunch that I would have eaten if I had gone to work. I had my half chicken sandwich with mustard on it, and I had a granola bar and an oatmeal for my snacks. I actually made a pan of brownies cause Nate requested it, but I didn't have any. I need to stop telling myself that if it's in the house I can't help myself. I have more self-control than that. I know it makes it easier if it's not in the house, but for those occasions that there are treats in the fridge, I can't let that be an excuse to eat too much.
Ananda and I are going to play tennis. I am going to bring my jump rope to add some cardio to our workout. I'm also going to add in some pushups if I'm not too sore after playing. My back hurts from Thursday's workout. If I keep it up, eat well today and tomorrow and do exercise today and tomorrow, then do my regular workouts for the rest of the week I should be able to hit my next goal- 142 by next Saturday,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trying Hard

Well, I was 145 again this morning. Amazing that you can eat pretty well every day and then splurge one night and the next morning, there you are, right back at 145. I made hamburgers last night, and since the meat will go bad if you don't cook it all, I made a few extra. Then I ate two burgers instead of just the one. I knew my weight would be affected because after the second burger I was so full my stomach hurt. This was in addition to the sweet potato fries and corn I made. Oh well.
Tonight is kickboxing, hopefully that will help.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Weight- 144
I need to remember that I have to make small goals for myself. 15 pounds for May is a great goal, but I will never get there if I don't make smaller really attainable goals for myself. If I'm going to lose 5 pounds a month that means I need to be at 140 by January 31. That's a Saturday. That breaks down to:
This Saturday- goal of 143
Next Saturday- goal of 142
January 31- goal of 140

I know I can get down to 143 this weekend. I've done it before. With class last night and Thursday, our planned lunches and dinners for the week and one more workout somewhere in between I should be able to hit that number easily. I've done it several times. The trick is to maintain through the weekend. If I'm getting serious to lose this weight, than Myia's right, I have to kick it up a notch and up one or two of my workouts in intensity and add something in through the week. Gizmo should be able to hike this weekend and the weather is getting better.
I won't go into February's goals yet. I'll have to set those up at the end of January.

Yesterday was kickboxing, it was killer, we did a lot of kicking, which makes you (well, me anyway) feel very tough. The guys who actually know what they're doing don't laugh at you too much. It's all in good fun. It's starting to feel even better now that a couple of new women have joined, so I'm not the newest member anymore. It was a little more difficult when I didn't know who has been doing kickboxing for 6 years already and who just started. Now I know who I can partner up with without getting extremely frustrated. Some people take it very seriously and that's fun if they're willing to be patient with you. But it's even better when both people are still learning, but still working out hard.

Unfortunately I'm sitting here contemplating finishing my "plate lunch" that the school ordered for us. It's smells so good, it's chicken katsu. And boy do I love it, but boy is it not good for me and those goals I just input up top. I'm throwing it away right now. Okay, I took one more bite first. Damn delicious Hawaiian food! Now I have to jump rope or something when I get home.

This week- Today- now I have to jump rope or walk, Wednesday- off, Thursday- kickboxing, Friday- go for a walk, Saturday- something with Ananda or Joanna, walking or tennis.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving Backwards

Didn't really want to write today, because it sucks to have to write bad news. But that's also part of the process. I actually gained a pound this weekend. That really blows. I thought I was doing pretty good, and maybe the scale won't stay there for long, but I hate to gain any weight. Tonight is my kickboxing class, maybe that will help bring it back around, but today I am feeling big. I have to get back into gear. The good thing is that we have our meals planned for this week already, so there should be no excessive over eating in the evenings this week.
Plan- tonight- kickboxing, tomorrow- tennis?, wednesday- off, thursday- kickboxing, friday- off. Want to get to 144 by the weekend.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weight Maintained

Beginning Weight for 2009 - 145

Well, I lost 5 pounds in December and then gained it all back through the holidays. This would be bad news except that it means that all together I didn't GAIN any more weight. I just went back to my normal. So although it appears that I bactracked a little I'm going to look at it as a success. The holidays always are a time of weight gain for me, and by setting a goal before the holidays, I avoided getting bigger than I was. So now I am going to reset my goal for the new year.

This weekend I was at 145, my starting weight in December. I had my kickboxing class again, finally, on Monday, and it triggered me to eat a little better for the next couple of days. I weighed in this morning at 144. That's good because tonight I have my kickboxing class again, so I'm hoping to drop another pound for the weekend. I plan on making a menu for the weekend tomorrow at the end of the work day, so I am prepared for the weekend binging. It was a really good idea that I just didn't stick with enough over the holidays. But I think if I can make a habit of Friday menu planning for the weekend, I can start to lose the weight I plan on losing. And let me tell you, this time, I'm not going to TRY to lose the weight. I'm just going to do it. That means that I'm not dieting, I'm just going to eat healthy. I'm just going to exercise when it's on my calendar and more if I can.

It took me a while to come up with my New Year's Goals this year. Actually I wasn't ready to shout them out when 2009 rolled in, but that doesn't mean they don't count.

This year they are:

1. Lose 15 pounds (and maintain) for 2010. - I want to have it all off before Theresa and Shane's wedding because that's a great time for photos, but I want to keep it off for next year's New Year. So a mini goal is to lose the 15 pounds for the end of April. That's 5 pounds a month. I think I can do it if I work hard.

2. Plan Menus for the weekends. - Friday at the end of the work day, decide if I need to go to the grocery store on the way home and write down the meals and snacks for the weekend.

3. Take better care of my skin. - This means not touching/scratching my face when I'm stressed or bored or tired. I went through my facial products and I have everything I need to make my skin look better again.