Tuesday, February 28, 2012

School Lunches

SAD Nutrition
I may have mentioned before how disappointed I am with the quality of the school lunches these days.  Mostly I was saying that there was not enough meat and vegetables, instead there is a lot of starches- large doughy rolls, hamburger buns, potato fries, taco shells, etc.  Okay, normally I eat paleo, so I don't bother with the school lunches.  Today I tried some of it.  The smiley face fries looked semi-palatable so I took a bite of one.  I spit it right back out.  It was horrible.  I'm not sure what exactly the problem was.  It didn't taste like potatoes or french fries, so I'm a little worried.  Then I had a bite of what is supposed to be a hamburger.  I think it was meant to be a teri-burger since there was some kind of flavoring.  Holy crap.  No wonder our children are underperforming.  It didn't taste natural.  It tasted so manufactured I guess is the word.  This is just further drive for me to continue to encourage parents to make lunches for their kids and someday, when I have the time, I'd like to work on changing what is served to our children in school.  I have been guilty of scoffing at Jamie Oliver who has been trying to help revamp school lunches in California.  Yes, he probably serves too much grains over meats and vegetables and fruits, but it can't be like what I took a bite of today.  A full diet of organic whole grains has to be a step up from what our government is supplementing our children with.  And kudos to him, I didn't realize exactly how bad our situation was.