Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it Gone For Good?

Finally, finally, my scale has rested at 145 for more than 3 days straight.  Does this mean I have finally pushed past that plateau?  Can it be?  Of course, the leftover pizza I packed for lunch today should quickly give me an indication if it is gone for now.  Funny that even though I have been working so hard to drop that pound and I have been so excited to see the scale stick around instead of going up, I still chose such a horrible lunch.  I have better options in the fridge... Anyway, that's another story.  It has taken me since mid August, after my trip to Kona that helped me gain 7 pounds, to get back to 145.  How stinking awful that it could take so long.  I am glad I stuck with it though.  It will be worth it if I can get the scale to dip below 145 now.  That is what I was working on before the vacation.  There are no major breaks, holidays or vacations coming up that should get in the way of this.  Some things that have helped me be succesful recently are 1) my friend Theresa joining me for Kickboxing- it really increases your motivation to work harder and most importantly, show up 2) taking the goal of building an online website business seriously has kept me busy once I get home.  It is amazing how much less I eat when I am not hanging out in front of the TV.  I have been sewing, researching, watching videos and scheduling.  It might not be a big money maker, but so far it has inadvertently helped me accomplish my weight goal. 

Now I need to move on to my next goal of 140.  I need to get down to that and stay there for a few days before moving to my next goal.  I think I can do this in a month if I keep up my momentum.  Sometimes that can be tough, but with Joanna's wedding getting closer and Theresa joining Kboxing with me, it is possible to stay motivated for that length of time.  Wish me luck!