Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time to Review your New Year's Resolutions

So here we are, mid July.  Halfway through the year.  I just had my birthday the other day, so I've turned 33.  This time of the year is a great time to look back and see how you've been doing with your New Year's Resolutions.  Try to do it without beating yourself up.  In the beginning of the year we often have lofty ideas about what we'd like to incorporate into our lives, but the day to day is just as important.  Now is a great time to re-evaluate those resolutions rather than simply recommit.  As my good friend and teacher, Kitty Cavalier would say, those goals probably didn't seduce you.  The goals weren't right for you.  Or maybe it wasn't the right time for those goals in your life.  
Check them out.  Did you make some progress in those areas of your life?  Than give yourself credit!  Were you chasing goals that you made to impress someone else?  Ditch it!  Were your goals set too high?  Change it!  In the comments recommit to new goals for the second half of the year.

My goals from my New Year's blog this year:
"For 2013, I'm not going to drink. I am not completely restricting myself, if there is an important social gathering I'm not saying I'm "not allowed." But I don't think I will. I am also going to continue to listen to my body to tell me what I want to eat. But it won't be the same things that I wanted before. I am going to continue to ask myself if my next action will lead me to feeling one of my Core Desired Feelings: Powerful, Energized, Connected, Clear and Free.
As for fitness I have a few goals, they include being able to do 5 handstand pushups, being able to lift 65 pounds for my overhead squat. To be able to do 5 muscle-ups, and increasing my mobility. I would love to be able to do a split. I'm so inflexible.
My other resolution for the year is that I intend to be more authentic every moment of every day."
Well.   There are some goals, that looking back, were created because I was feeling super motivated.  I thought I wasn't going to drink.  I have some kind of mental fight that goes on in my head around alcohol.  Part of me thinks that I should never drink, that complete sobriety is something that a deeply grounded spiritual person would reach for.  And then someone offers me a glass of wine or a dark beer.  Or I hang out with my family for a week.  I am re-evaluating this goal.  For the rest of 2013, I am just going to enjoy an alcoholic beverage when it feels right.  Leave out the guilt.  I'm not sure where I got that sober spirituality image, but I'm making my own rules in my life.
I continue to just follow my body's desires for what to eat.  I am amazed that I still do not need to weight myself 6 months in.  I could tell after my vacation with the family that all the beer I was drinking was making me a bit bloated, my pants weren't fitting very well.  But then this morning I'm feeling great.  And I didn't do anything spectacular.  I'm just listening to what I really want.  What my body really wants.
I am still loving the Core Desired Feelings.  People, this is an amazing tool for your toolbox.  Every day I strive to feel Powerful, Energized, Connected, Clear, Free.  Every moment I am out of sync I can look around me and ask myself what I can do to make myself feel this way.  And there is always a way.
My fitness goals got put on a bit of a hold, but I am recommitting to them.  They are totally doable.  The handstand pushups I made progress on, I am able to do one.  I took some time off of going as much as I was to Crossfit, so now that my schedule is going to permit a regular schedule again, I think these goals are totally within reach.
So how are you doing with your goals?  Let me know!