Friday, February 19, 2010

Aloha Run, Check, Swamp Romp Here We Come

This past Monday was my favorite race, the Great Aloha Run.  It is 8.15 miles which seems like a long way to go for some people.  It can be a challenge, but I think the great thing about this race is that people of all shapes and sizes, all ages and all activity levels come out to do it.  People walk in slippers, they get pushed in wheelchairs, moms push their babies in strollers, and some people run it hard.  We missed seeing the military send off this time, but that is usually a blast to watch them run by at the start.
This year Ananda, Joanna and I did it together.  We strategized that we were going to switch every mile, running the first one, walking the second and so on.  Of course we missed the one mile marker, so we ran the first two.  After that we flip-flopped until mile seven. and then we ran most of the last mile.  It felt really good.  I'm glad we walked a few of the miles because my knee didn't hurt while we were running, but it started to get sore afterwards.  I iced it and went to kickboxing the next day and it's feeling fine now.  Our time for the race was about 1:43, ten minutes off of our full Great Aloha Walk last year.  As soon as the opportunity arises I'm going to sign up for next year.
Tomorrow is the Swamp Romp.  I am not sure how long it will be.  It was five miles last year.  The guy on base told Joanna 15 miles this year, but I'm pretty sure he was pulling her leg.  If not, I will not be finishing it, which would suck, but like I said I'm pretty sure 15 miles is crap.  I don't think it will be any longer than 5 miles or there would have been more info on the website about it being a much longer race this year.  We are going as Joanna's Bridal Party.  She has found this great Salvation Army, white dress which she will be wearing over her pants and with a barrette/veil that I am making for her.  The rest of her party will be wearing fancy bridal gowns (read cheap, tacky, flowery, patterned, sparkly and mismatched here) with barrette/tuille veils that I will be fashioning later tonight.  I don't remember having to meet so early last time, but this year it appears we have to meet at 4:30am.  Holy crap that's early.  I feel like we have never had to meet so early, but I guess it's worth it.  We're going to be freaking exhausted when we finish.  I might just sleep the rest of the day away.  So pictures will be coming soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Staying Active

Just checking in.  I've been staying active most days of the week.  I have not been eating well.  Ice cream has been the recent challenge.  I so enjoy having Nate prepare me a meal, it's so wonderful to have food delivered to you in  your chair.  If I could only train him to make something healthier for dessert.  I have not gained or lost any weight, just holding steady.  I realized after checking in with my friend Joanna that I have not been drinking nearly enough water.  I had been tricking myself.  After talking with her I realized that although I have been bringing my water bottle with me to work I hadn't been drinking barely any of it.  That's stupid.  So I'm back on track with water intake.  Back to kickboxing tonight, then maybe an off day tomorrow.  Then running Friday, hiking Saturday and something fun on Sunday.  The Great Aloha Run is on Monday.  I'll walk most of it.  Don't want to re-injure my knee and I haven't trained nearly as much as would have been necessary to run it.  But it will be fine either way.  Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post soon.  Oh yeah! Then Swamp Romp is in two weeks and we were able to talk two other people into joining us! We're not in good running shape, so it is going to hurt bad, but I'm excited about doing it once again!