Friday, January 22, 2010

Trying to keep at it

So far for 2010 I have been able to at least work out regularly.  It is a challenge to get motivated for a 7:30pm class, but I'm making it work.  I haven't had a drink since New Year's Eve, and that was only a glass and a half.  I have not been able to motivate myself for any kind of strength training, but that wasn't one of my major goals anyway. I haven't quite met my goal for 5 workouts during the week.  I have gotten in at least two weekly classes, and then hiking one time on the weekends. This weekend I am going to run Saturday and hike on Sunday, so I will have gotten 4 workouts in.  (I consider a week Monday through Sunday)  I don't know how I'm ever going to make it to 5 workouts a week regularly, but I've heard it's possible. I've heard it's even possible to continue to have a life even with 5 workouts a week. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Friends are Keeping Me Active

Hiked the Maunawili Trail this morning.  It felt a lot shorter than the last time we did it. Titus and Gizmo kept up and did great.  I am exhausted now though!  Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow for the holiday, then Kickboxing Tuesday and Thursday.  Maybe another hike on Sunday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lost a few

Losing weight is such a strange thing. When you truly make it a priority and truly do a hard workout a few times a week and eat fairly well the pounds come right off.  We always say that losing weight is so hard, but in all honesty, it comes off when you do the right things.  I just don't always want to, or feel like, doing the right things.  My biggest problem is that now I have to continue to workout and eat well. Why is that so hard?  It is so easy to celebrate the pounds lost with a McDonald's breakfast, even though that makes no sense at all.  (This is what I did this morning, how stupid!)  So after 4 pounds lost, I need to workout extra hard this week, not less.
This past week I hiked on Sunday, went to Kickboxing on Monday and Wednesday and ran the Lanikai Loop on Friday. I'm hoping to hike tomorrow and then Kickboxing Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Then hiking again next weekend.
My hope is to lose another pound, I'll be happy to maintain, but I'm aiming to lose.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year

Alright folks, it's that time of year again. I know I've done three posts today, but they each dealt with different subject matter. I want to be able to copy that last post and just update stats.
This year I plan on making a couple of changes.  My resolutions are as follows:

  • I will organize my shop and make it look more professional. I will also keep it stocked with items.
  • Lose weight- 20 pounds this year. This will be accomplished by following my other resolutions
  • Workout 5 days a week. I'm going to have to quit kickboxing unfortunately, in March. I will then be able to afford to join the YMCA, where I can stop after work every day.
  • Begin to receive supervision hours for licensure.
  • Start a Brag-a-binder for work

Goals for 2010

My Current Stats:

Waist: 36.5

Etsy: 3 Sales
Average Workouts per Week: 3

Goals for 2010

Weight: 130
Waist: 30
Etsy Sales: 12
Average Workouts per Week: 5

The End of 2009

So here we are, 2010, another year has gone by. 2009 wasn't as succesful as I hoped it would be, but I think the country as a whole felt the slump. I didn't get to see my family, I got furlough days at work, I gained some weight. No babies made or had, and no promotions in the professional world. I kind of feel like 2009 was a bit of a life-on-hold kind of a year.
Some things I did accomplish this past year:
I started kickboxing
I learned how to read Tarot cards
I got really good at writing Behavior Support Plans
I figured out how my job works
I hiked Kuliouou Ridge, the Makapuu Lighthouse, Kalauao "Waterfall" Hike, Likeke, Judd, Lanikai Pillboxes, the Koko Head Stairs, Olomana (first peak), Pu`u Piei,
Started my Etsy Shop and sold 3 items
I stopped drinking all the time
I got in contact with some old school friends through Facebook
I got a tennis racket and actually used it a few times
Went to Kona on vacation with Nathan's parents
Learned to scuba dive

Overall, it was a good year, pleasant and fun.  Nate and I didn't do anything crazy, but I think this next year is going to be fun!